Our Terms of service are as follows:

• Only one account is allowed per user over all time. If your account gets blocked, you cannot use Primecapitaloption.com services anymore. Incase of account suspension you can contact support

• Accounts must be synonymously verified with adequate documents. Each document bearing name, address and a passport photograph of user not more than three months old

• Users can only invest within the limits of their accounts, otherwise maiden upgrade to a higher plan at a merchant fee, subsequent upgrades/downgrades are free

• Upgrades and downgrades can be done on user accounts. Maiden upgrades are necessary to maintain merchant policies

• Internal funds transfer are applicable between users

• Internally transferred funds are instant payments and are non-reversible

• All bank codes are necessary for verification of user’s bank account and other payment gateways available in your country

• In the case of wrong deposit information, contact support for immediate reversal within three days with original proof of deposit

• Withdrawals pending more than three working days are automatically rolled over to a new period

• User protection covers clients accounts and investments. Primecapitaloption.com does not have access to users funds

• Your local bank has COT rights on wired transfers

For all user related issues, contact our support systems available to you.